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Delveran Government Press Releases

18 Sep - Official Report on the September 2017 Census

Compiled and released by the Ministry of the Interior of the Grand Republic of Delvera on the authority of Minister Jordan Brizendine...

5 Sep - Joint Response to the Austenasian Times' Defamation of Jordan Brizendine and Delvera

Earlier today, the state-run Austenasian Times published an article accusing the Delveran Minister of the Interior and Editor-in-Chief of the Bannerman, Jordan Brizendine, of attempting to incite a coup within the Empire. The article, which offers no evidence to support itself, is the latest incident in the Delveran-Austenasian Diplomatic Crisis, which began in early August after Emperor Jonathan I’s abrupt departure from the Congress of Colo and the subsequent Austenasian neglect of a long string of diplomatic communications from the Delveran government...

North American Confederation Press Releases

11 Jul - Commonwealth of Greene Government Releases Territorial Bill and Draft State Charter

Prime Minister Marx, acting in his capacity as the Provisional Archon of the Commonwealth of Greene, released a draft of the Commonwealth's state charter, which, when passed, shall act as the supreme law within the Commonwealth; as well as a territorial emergency act to answer political issues developing in the Amfield Township....